An individual approach to each advertiser and each campaign
Realization of the most unusual tasks on transitions of any degree of complexity
High-quality unique traffic from various sources including search engines
All transitions have a high level of behavioral factors
24/7 advertiser support, help optimize ad campaigns

We buy any of your traffic for the price from 1.6 € per 1000 visitors
Stable earnings with high CPM, effective monetization of your traffic
Instant payments without delay. Just request payment and do not wait for processing
Detailed statistics of your traffic and your earnings
24-hour webmasters support, solving any problems

  • IP Traffic Filtering
    Each transition to your site will be from a unique IP and a unique machine. Each transition will be visible in the statistics system

  • Uniform Traffic
    The set number of visitors can be evenly distributed throughout the day, week, month. And it can be sent for the time you set

  • Affordable Price
    The cost of traffic is from 2 € per 1000 clicks. And this is only 0,002 € per transition! With bulk orders, the price is even lower

  • Click Number Targeting
    Maximum you can order traffic up to 30 internal pages of your site. Moreover, each page can have its own unique

  • Targeted Traffic
    You can receive visitors both from a given region (Europe, America, CIS, Asia, North Africa), and from all regions together at the same time

  • Black / White List
    You can manually block substandard resources or specific traffic providers. This way you can control the quality of the traffic you receive

Where do the transitions come from? These are by no means robots?

All transitions are living people who carry out certain actions for a fee. Each action is carefully checked, which ensures 100% fulfillment of the specified parameters (transition duration, number of pages viewed, etc.)

Who are you? Can i trust you?

Our traffic exchange seotraff.biz is one of the projects of the Internet holding campaign "TOP ADS LTD" - edtopads.com, which for over 8 years has been offering its users the highest quality services at the most affordable prices. You can clarify all questions using the contacts listed below.

Why is this just necessary?

Transitions by given key phrases from search engines give your site a number of advantages. So, for example, a significant increase in natural output is possible for requests from which traffic is coming. High traffic coupled with high performance significantly increase the likelihood of successful moderation. In addition, you can sell banner ads on very favorable terms for you.

And this traffic will give a conversion? Will there be orders from him?

As we indicated in the first question, these are living people, but their main task is to complete transition tasks. It is likely that they may be interested in your proposal. But we do not give any guarantees that someone who has passed over will become your client. So you should not count on it.